I’m like almost done with decorating. Just the tree has to go up along with the lights and ornaments and some other decorations but that’s about it. I think once I watch Elf and The Polar Express I’ll feel more in the mood. Christmas just isn’t the same anymore. It’s hard to keep the spirit. I decorated my room. I would take my own decorations to school but I don’t want them there and my cats are always in my room so it’s for them really. 

These past 2 days have just been so draining I felt like I was going to pass out before. I am just so fed up with everything which is basically my life and everything and everyone in it. Well not everyone, but mostly everyone. My cats are the only ones keeping me sane and making me happy to be honest.

I am just literally sitting here staring into nothing feeling so much weight pull me down this is unreal. Alright I’m gonna go shower and eat the thanksgiving dinner I never got yesterday and finish some decorating and watch Elf or something. I need to get myself out of this deep fog.